Vivian Rutledge in The Big Sleep

Vivian’s play dates in The Big Sleep (1946) Scratch when it Itches by Barbette: Scratch When It Itches (The Big Sleep, 1946)

Kitty Collins in The Killers

Kitty’s play dates in The Killers (1946) Read about Kity in this article by Barbara Timmers: The Black Cat (The Killers, 1946)

Kathie in Out of the Past

Kathie’s play dates in Out of the Past (1947) Read more about Kathy in The Call of the Siren by Barbette: The Call of the Siren (Out of the Past, 1947) Part 1

Annie Laurie Starr in Gun Crazy

Annie’s play dates in Gun Crazy (1950) Read about Gun Crazy in “Wild Animals” by Barbette: Wild Animals (Gun Crazy, 1950)  

Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard

Norma’s play dates in Sunset Boulevard (1950) Creating a Monster part 1 by Barbette: Creating a Monster (Sunset Boulevard, 1950) part 1