Screening the Femme Fatale (2017)

Femme Fatale Film Festival December  2017 Filmhuis Lumen (Delft):   The Strange Love of Martha Ivers en The Big Sleep November 2017 Filmhuis Lumen (Delft): Gilda en Scarlet Street   September 2017 Het Kijkhuis (Leiden) Scarlet Street, Gun Crazy en Sunset Boulevard June 2017 Cacaofabriek (Helmond) o.a. Out of the Past,  Sunset Boulevard en Chinatown May 2017 Het…

The Fatal Fantasy (Introduction)

The Femme Fatale archetype has her footprints all over culture, throughout history. From ancient mythology to todays videogames. And the Film Noir version of the Femme Fatale is a specialized, socially relevant and easily identifiable class. The six fatal women I chose to write about belong in a time frame and to a specific genre,…

Evelyn Mulwray in Chinatown

Evelyn’s play dates in Chinatown (1974): Switzerland Lausanne Cinematheque Suisse – Schweizerisches Filmarchiv – Cineteca svizzera Sun 25 Mar United States Amherst MA Amherst Cinema Tue 27 Mar United States Los Angeles CA Ricardo Montalban Theatre Tue 10 Apr Ireland Belfast The National/Sixty6 Thu 12 Apr France Ajaccio MSG Cinema Sun 15 Apr France Ajaccio…

Annie Laurie Starr in Gun Crazy

Annie’s play dates in Gun Crazy (1950): Belgium Brussel Cinematek Sun 25 Mar United States Butte MT Public Library Wed 28 Mar United States Durham NC Retro Film Series Fri 30 March 2018 United States Austin TX AFS Cinema Thu 19 Apr United States Austin TX AFS Cinema Sun 22 Apr Belgium Brussel Cinematek Thu…

Katherine ‘Kitty’ March in Scarlet Street

Kitty’s play dates in Scarlet Street (1945): United States New York Lenfest Sun 25 Mar Canada Vancouver Kiggins Theatre Mon 9 Apr United States Lincoln City OR The Bijou Theatre Sat 21 Apr United States Williamsville, NY Dipson Theatre Wed May 16

Phyllis Dietrichson in Double Indemnity

Phyllis’s play dates in Double Indemnity (1944): Belgium Brussel CINEMA RITCS Mon 26 Mar France Montpellier Cinema Utopia Tue 27 Mar United Kingdom London Waterstones Wed 28 Mar Denmark Copenhagen Danish Film Institute Fri 30 Mar United States Murfreesboro TN LINEBAUGH LIBRARY Thu 5 Apr United kingdom Newtownards The Web Theatre Thu 26 Apr United…

Vera in Detour

Vera’s play dates in Detour (1945): Italy Firenze CPA Mon 26 Mar

Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard

Norma’s play dates in Sunset Boulevard (1950): Denmark Copenhagen Danish Film Institute Tue 27 Mar United Kingdom Lancaster Dukes Theatre & Cinema Thu 29 Mar Luxembourg Luxembourg Ville Cinematheque Fri 6 Apr United States Sonoma CA Sebastiani Theatre Mon 9 Apr United States Forth Worth TX Modern Art Museum Wed 11 Apr United States Sonoma,…

Ellen B. Harland in Leave her to Heaven

Ellen’s play dates in Leave her to Heaven (1945): France Lyon Association ZoneBis Tue 27 Mar France Lyon Association ZoneBis Mon 02 Apr Portugal Lissabon Cinemateca Portuguesa Sat 14 Apr

Vivian Rutledge in The Big Sleep

Vivian’s play dates in The Big Sleep (1946): United Kingdom London BFI Southbank Tue 3 Apr United Kingdom London BFI Southbank Tue 24 Apr Scratch when it Itches by Barbette: Scratch When It Itches (The Big Sleep, 1946)

Madeleine Elster in Vertigo

Madeleine’s play dates in Vertigo (1958): United States Stanford CA Oshmann Hall Wed Apr 4 United States Columbia Heights MA The Heights Theater Thu Apr 12 United States Oklahoma City Museum of Art Thu Apr 19 United States Princeton NJ Princeton Garden Theatre Wed 30 May

Matty Walker in Body Heat

Matty’s play dates in Body Heat (1981): United States Brooklyn NY Prospect Park Fri Apr 6 United States San Diego Digital Gym Cinema Mon 30 Jul